Penny Reilly

Multi-media artist, photographer and published author of eight books, Penny also has seven exhibits under her belt in mixed media art.

Penny lives near Daylesford, where she works from her home studio on a rural, 20-acre property. A full-time artist and author, she works with multi-media, (digital painting non-photographic and partially photographic), ink, water colour, charcoal, pastel and mixed-media/fine art, combined.

She studied art and art history in the UK, completed a visual arts and professional photography diploma and produces a seamless palette of multi-media pieces that has the viewer wondering how they were rendered. Her work is inspired by her natural surrounds and by nature. Her current collection, Before the Fall, speaks to the fragility of our planet and the rapid loss of species and natural habitats. This collaborative show was exhibited at The Old Auction House in Kyneton in April 2022.

Alongside her original canvases or cotton rag paintings, she produces limited edition prints and note cards and is available for commissions. Her next project, a non fiction work, entitled Wild Spirits, will be published, 2023, while a little poetry and art, companion volume will soon be available to purchase.

Her work is nature inspired as is her poetry. With a love of mythology she takes what is buried in the landscape and makes them visible through word and image.