Welcome to the studio beyond the gate…

Hello and greetings!

Many of you know me from my former website, blog and through my daily posts of art, photography and poetry on Facebook and Instagram.

Life moves in strange ways and after being hacked by persons unknown, my whole presence, both here on my new website and on social media, will change radically to match.

It is an opportunity for change however, and to be grasped fully, much like grasping the nettle, it has stung dreadfully, losing years of work to a fraud and a thief, nevertheless I’m making it my rallying cry to move forward.

Life is a moment and in that moment, all moments exist. Life can appear fleeting or be forever in full consciousness. There is no separation between who we once were, in the scheme of things, are now or will be “one day”, for all is now.

Soon, I will outline my plans for the future, which will include introducing a few additions such as teaching mixed media techniques, creative journalling and a little of my philosophy on country life and self sufficiency.

As the saying goes… watch this space.

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