As the season draws to an end; summer, fading into autumn, we find a place inside to prepare for the emptiness that winter can tend to be.

If we are uncomfortable in emptiness… filling it with anxiety or restlessness, we will naturally refill the space with the same content… so rather sit in the empty until, by choice, embracing the magick of change, we renew the space with our deepest needs for wellbeing.

Nature doesn’t stop… she breathes in and out in cycles and seasons… we take her in with every inhale and release her again, taking into our body all it needs before letting it go. This can be applied to life in so many ways. When we are filled with anxiety, we forget to breath and so our bodies are depleted. Sitting in nature we can refill and reenergise ourselves on every level… it’s not just food we need to fuel us.

Wellbeing is something we have greatly misunderstood, I feel… thinking through things instead of feeling through things… or a better yet, a balance of both. We cannot think straight if our adrenals are on overload… it’s our fight or fight mode that can leave us exhausted if not addressed with appropriate rest. We clear so much that clogs our system through breath… nothing fancy… just deep belly breathes and when we do this in nature our brain/mind/body all respond, to give us the sense of letting go, even when we’re unaware what we’re letting of.

Does a tree, mourn it’s leaves when first they change colour and shed or do they feel relieved of the weight on the bough?

I am empty

…with what, will I refill

health, wisdom, joy

…a new skill?

Why am I empty

…because I have overflowen

and in the inner garden

…dry grasses grown

Do I wish to remain empty

…is there nothing left I need

is there new abundance waiting

…a new seed

Will I fill the emptiness

…or wait for it to grow

then, by choice, fill it

…let new seeds, self-sow.

Walk softly… find your centre in emptiness… Awen /|\


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