Whittling it all down, post Winter Solstice…

The ocean tides, whittle away at the shoreline as we wear away our lives, often in needless struggles for understanding.

As children, we fight to maintain our identity until parental expectation, educational institutions and peer pressures, whittle away at our personality, character and psyche until we’re swamped, drowning, in other’s expectations of how they perceive we should be.

Letting go of guilt-induced reactions to how others respond to our internal change, can be like running a marathon… but when does the adult self, stop apologising for who they are, despite the constant inner and outer critique.

This is the pivotal moment, when we can realise, we are in fact, our inner parent or teacher, continuing to hear and be instructed by the echo of their physical counterparts instead of learning to simply be ourselves.

The thing is… nature doesn’t judge how we behave, how we express ourselves or criticise who we intrinsically are, with or without societies trappings, just as a daisy doesn’t wish to be a rose.

Nature doesn’t judge the leaves falling, leaving branches bare or new leaves budding, on near-naked limbs.

Life in all its ages and stages is a precious gift so why waste it, desiring to be something we were not designed to be?

Life, when delved into, without agenda is a rich, fulfilling and never to be repeated, journey… grasp it… dive in…

Hollowing out
the purpose of life
in simply being
Giving up
the fight for more
Just living
Simply being
with no place
left to go
the well of life
the wheel spins
on and round
All places
all seasons
as sacred ground

Blessings from the between…

Wall softly… find the true you…

Awen /|\


Art, photography and verse copyright ©️ Penny Reilly, all rights reserved.


  1. Melissa says:

    Just beautiful, thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Melissa and you’re very welcome.


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